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CDA's Kickboxing classes focus on stand-up punching and kicking techniques from American kickboxing, Muay Thai, Savate and Taekwondo/karate.
We can train you for competitions or just for your own skill development.


Speed, distance & timing:
Through the many kickboxing drills, exercises and techniques we work on, students develop the speed, distance and timing necessary to be proficient and effective fighters, both for sport and reality.

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Pad work:
We use focus mits, Thai pads, kick shields and punch bags to build striking power and targeting. This allows a safe way to train kickboxing and a great way to work off the weeks tensions, It also develops accuracy and timing.

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Cardio K-Box is our dedicated cardio workout class. We understand that some people really enjoy the fitness and workout that Kickboxing brings but don't want to have physical contact or get involved with sparring.
Our Cardio K-Box class on a Monday & Wednesday evening uses Kickboxing pad work and techniques to get everyone working out hard and really burning the calories. The class is great fun and accessible to all levels of skill and fitness. Class times...

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  Sparring is an integral part of our kickboxing training at CDA, if you want to learn how to fight, the best way to do it is to fight!
Sparring is developed in a progressive way, starting with light contact for beginners and building as students get more experienced to semi and full contact if people wish. We make sure that people leave their egos at the door when they train as everyone is there to have fun and develop safely.



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