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Our MMA Street self defence classes cross-train street effective techniques from many martial arts, with a focus on stand up fighting and reality training. Classes are run at our Cheltenham Academy.

  Grappling & Trapping:
Our self defence classes cover grappling and trapping to shift our opponents body and offset it through the manipulation of limbs. This is an integral part of our training
using trapping drills from JKD, Wing Chun and Kali and practical applied Taichi.
multiple attackers
We develop fast and powerful striking techniques through pad drills, partner work and sparring.
We take self defence techniques from Thai, Filipino, Chinese and Western boxing as well as many different knees and kicks from these and other Martial arts.
  Multiple attackers:
We practice sparring with 1 against 2 or 1 against 3 to develop our peripheral vision, reactions and our footwork and movement. This is high adrenaline stuff and really sharpens your focus, essential training for street self defence.
  Locks & Throws:
Whilst our main aim is to hit and to hit hard, we develop our ability to apply locks, throws, trips and takedowns to add depth to our self defence realty training. We offset balance to gain advantage and treat each lock as a potential break.
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