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Welcome to the CDA News page where you will find all the latest news of our self defence and martial art seminars, gradings and events.
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Full time Gym - As of January 6th 2018 we will be running the gym full time. Take a look at our timetable in January for all the new classes and events.

grading success

Awesome kids grading - Well done to all the kids who graded in the recent kickboxing session. We have some great talent being developed in the club and it is a real honour to train you all, fun times ahead!!


Competition winner - Well done Ned who achieved 2nd place in his first ever competition, an amazing effort, next time 1st place :)

phil norman ghost

Ghost seminar 2016 -
An amazing session with loads of insight into this great system, practiced lots of techniques, ring craft and some good old sparring to boot. We had a great time and will be looking forward to a return visit.

jedi school

Jedi School -
Jedi school was a massive success, full classes, loads of fun and some amazing feedback. We will be doing this again soon so watch this space!!

Ghost phil norman

Ghost seminar 2015 -
Mr Norman was back again demonstrating Ghost craft and many other mind blowing Ghost concepts.
A great sweaty session with loads learned and much more to explore and drill. Thanks to all who supported it.

assistant instructor

Congratulations - To Michael for becoming CDA's first ever assistant instructor. Mike is a great talent and has worked hard to get to this level. We are really proud to have him in the team.


Ghost Seminar - Awesome Ghost semnar with Phil Norman. Thanks Phil for running us through our paces - loved every minute of it.

echo article

Bob Breen Seminar a great success - A really good turn out and a fantastic seminar, loads of basics ending with some funky stuff, thoroughly enjoyed by all Bob's Website





echo article

New Childrens class in the press - The scho ran a story about our new Saturday morning children and parents class - read the piece HERE

power striking

Enlightening power striking Seminar - Thanks to Professor Richard Bailey for an enlightening seminar covering the fundimentals of developing power using rotation, gravity and targeting. The event was really well attended and enjoyed by all.

muay thai seminar

Great Thai Boxing Seminar
- Thanks to Iain for coming over from London to give a fantastic taster session into the art of Muay Thai. A hard but very enjoyable 3 hur session!

CDA Instructors programme

CDA Instructors programme- CDA is hugely proud of our first batch of students embarking on our Instructor Programme, all worked really hard at the grading, which lasted 2.5hrs, their journey has just begun!

Churchdown kickboxing Black Belt

CDA Kickboxing Black Belts
- CDA gives congratulations to the Rust brothers of CDA Churchdown wh achieved their Black Belt status in Kickboxing.

CDA Academy hall

CDA Academy fully matted out
- CDA have invested back into the club and completely matted the whole area creating the perfect martial arts hall for our students and anyone wishing to rent it out - view the Academy Page for full details!

fight scene

CDA in the echo- CDA's recent filming escapades with students from the university of Glcestershire made the newspapaer - great bit of coverage - ARTICLE LINK

Everest CDA

CDA @ Everest
- Student Andy Griffin took CDA to new heights by taking his CDA club 'T' all the way to Everest Base Camp. Prize for the most exciting CDA 'T' shot up for grabs in 2013

Available for rent - The academy has plenty of space available for clubs to rent out, we are charging a very competitive rate of £10 per hour - spread the word or give us a call!





Black Belt

First CDA Kickboxing Black Belt - Holly McAnoy became CDA's first BB after a tough 1.5hr grading, she really worked hard and demonstrated that she deserved the grade. Holly has been training with us for around 5yrs now and is a real credit to the club!

willie lim

Willie Lim 2012 seminar - Lots of the form covered and tai chi warm ups, then self defence applications. Few new people attending which helped keep things fresh, thanks to Willie for passing on his great wisdom once again.

CDA grading a great success -
Well done everybody who took the grading on Saturday, everyone worked really hard and proved they wanted their next belt.


Richard Coterill - Balintawak Seminar hit the spot -
We had a great seminar with Richard and his team covering blade, baton and boxing. It was fascinating stuff and very devastating and practical in application - we will be getting Richard back again as soon as we can.

Female self defence Class best yet -
We saw a great turn out for our third self defence session. The ladies were all keen and when it came to defending themselves against instructor Lee Trunks they did not hold back and all successfully used the skills they had been taught - watch this space for dates of the next class in June.

female self defence

Cheltenham kids grading triumph!! -
Well done to all those children that took the recent grading. The effort and will to succeed was fantastic and we have got some up and coming fighting talent amongst this group - so impressive!!

Thai boxing team photo

Thai boxing seminar success -
Well done to all who attended the recent Thai boxing seminar, and thanks to Ian for taking it. It was great fun and really informative. Gave us lots to work on and add to our game - looking forward to the next one!

Willie Lim and Paul Fisher and Lee Trunks

Well done everyone who attended the Willie Lim Tai Chi seminar -

it was the first time we focused purely on Tai Chi and it was tough but really enjoyable - answered many questions but posed so many more!


Successful seminar at Beaufort School - CDA were asked to provide a days worth of taster self defence classes for girls at the Beaufort Community School in Gloucester. It was great fun and all the girls seemed to enjoy the skills they were taught.

echo photo

CDA in the Echo--
The club received a visit from the local paper and got a write up and a pic in the Echo -ECHO ACTICLE


Cutting Ribbon

Lee and Paul cut the ribbon in front of many new, old and current students and friends, it was a great night, thanks all for coming.


Willie Lim Seminar a great night of training and insight - 

Thanks go to Willie
 for his wisdom and patience as he held an evenings seminar of Tai Chi concepts and application. Thanks also to all those who attended and made the night so enjoyable.


Lee & Paul completing 2 day seminar with Guru John Spezzano of Pacific Coast Martial Arts.
The Seminar was held at Sheffield Martial Arts Centre and organised by Mark Hughes (a real friendly and welcoming host).

First Gloucester Seminar a Success
Friday night saw a short but packed seminar covering basic trapping and the flow drill, every body was really friendly and open to new concepts, it was a fun session - Thanks to Rob for letting us come to his club - we hope to see him and his students in the not too distant future.

B.I.G in London - 
Special thanks go to Bob Breen for his guidance at the recent Bob Breen Instructors group where CDA's instructor Lee spent 2 days in some fine company trying to perfect some basic techniques and improve his footwork


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