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Our Cheltenham based children's martial arts classes are for children aged from 3 - 13 years old. We teach practical martial art techniques mixed with kickboxing in a fun, safe and engaging environment, that teaches children how to stay safe.

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  Fit, Fun, Safe:
Whilst our students work hard to develop their own martial arts skills, the club fosters a real team spirit. The children learn skills to keep them safe from taekwondo and kickboxing disciplines, in a fun and engaging way.

Ninja skills:
Our class for 3 - 5 yrs focuses on developing the little ones skills through play and fun. We work on balance, coordination, respect, listening, and of course lots of awesome ninja skills.
The classes are 30 mins and parents can join in with the little ones to help them find their way.

ninja skillz
  Little Ninja's
Our class for 6 - 8yrs starts to develop the children's martial arts abilities as the work through the grading programme on their path towards a black belt. We still play plenty of games to help develop core skills and the children work at their own pace building confidence and ability.
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  CDA Juniors:
Our class for older children aged 9 - 12yrs. Developing the martial arts skills of our students through a fun system teaching them striking and kicking techniques through pad work, sparring, partner drills and a whole lot of fun!!

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kids kickboxing

We offer our children gradings as an achievement target which helps maintain focus as they develop, they only take the test when all parties agree they are ready. The Children are tested on strikes, kicks and punches, but also their ability to focus and follow instructions.

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