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CDA have a number of events running throughout the year and this is the page to find out the details you need to be a part of the fun.


ghost phil norman

Bob Breen's 4D Combat -
This awesome system is a must for all stand up fighters and self defence practitioners. Fight one - fight many, hand stick or knife. Bob is a legend of the martial arts world and also a funny man, his seminars are enlightening and great fun.
We will be running a 4 hour seminar £40 advanced booking, £45 on the day. Places are limited so book early.
2nd December 1pm - 5pm.
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  female self defence

Female Self Defence Workshop
A one off session covering the basics of female focused self defence. The session is split into two sections, 'the essentials' covers the phsychology and strategies needed to keep safe and some fundamental strikes and techniques, 'Grabs and Ground' takes you to the floor, the worst place to be, and helps you understand what options you have to aid your escape and survival. The classes are open to all levels of fitness and ability and are amazing fun! Visit our FSD page to read some feedback from previous attendees.
We will be running a 3 hour seminar £30 advanced booking, £40 on the day. Places are limited so book early.
January 27th - 2.45pm - 5.45pm
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The next Children's grading date:
24th february 2018

The next Kickboxing grading date:
24th February 2018

The next Instructors grading date:
TBC 2018


MMA Street Defence
Children's classes
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If you would like CDA to come to your club or event then why not give us a call to arrange the details. We can do small taster sessions or longer seminars to suit your needs.

We have done festivals, demonstrations, group classes in self defence/martial arts at Chletenham College, Beaufort school, Pate's grammer school and much more besides.

Jedi school

Jedi School -
They have seen the movies and have always wanted the skills to become a Jedi, well now they can at JEDI SCHOOL. This special 3 class event is for 6-12 year old children who want to learn to become a Jedi. Train to get your Padawn certificate by mastering lightsabre skills, jedi combat and using the force.
Our packed 1 hour sessions will be amazing fun and teach the kids some really cool lightsabre skills, which will be tested in 'Jedi showdowns'. Will they turn to the dark side by the end of the event, only they can decide!!
Classes will be held at the CDA Academy on the 27th January, 3rd & 10th February 2018. 12.30 - 1.30pm. Places will fill quick so book early.
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